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Cynthia Ferrara Goldsmith

We just sold our biggest brand using Website Closers. They were amazing. Within 48 hours of us sending them the information on our company, they had put together a killer prospectus. [...] In spite of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, the deal was closed in a couple of months, give or take. [...]  They also recommended the best transaction lawyer we have ever used in our business careers

Tal Moore

I want to start off by mentioning how impressed I was with Thrasio as an acquiring company. Selling a business- no matter how prepared you are- can be stressful, chaotic, and messy. Thrasio embodied professionalism and grace throughout the process. The level of thoroughness, intelligence, sincerity, and care I experienced with every single member of their team went way beyond expectation. Truly a pleasure working with them.

SanJay Chandiram

A little over a year ago, after trying a lot of different options, I was referred to Quartile[...]I am happy to let you guys know that it has worked really well for us, as it very quickly optimized our ads and delivered outstanding results [...] We were also able to leverage Quartile for new product launches as it helped with discovery of new products in a really short time frame.

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A curated & highly engaged online community
Strict policy on pitching & self promotion
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What Our Partners Are Saying

The MDS offsite was an incredible experience to be a part of. I was able to get fascinating insights from some of Amazon’s biggest sellers, as well as get constructive, authentic feedback on our product. Would highly recommend for any top seller service or software provider

Michael Krakaris
Co-founder, Deliverr

The MDS summit was a very incredible experience and a unique community to be a part of. The group warmly welcomed Brex and the majority of the group were very interested in learning more about our products. Between the speed dating, office hours, and candid networking opportunities, the event was very productive for us

Matt Jacobs
Sales Development, Brex

Clear win for us to sponsor the MDS Ski Summit in Revelstoke. The structure is clearly designed for relationship building, and the opportunity to build on and nurture relationships with a group of this caliber was well worth it. We’re glad to partner with MDS — 10/10 would do it again

Jonathon Oh

Co-founder, SellerBench

The MDS group is awesome. We’ve never come across a group of highly successful people all in 1 place that are so open to knowledge sharing. It was very easy to understand why this group exists, as their number 1 goal is to provide value to their members. Being a partner in this setting is an amazing experience as the exposure you get to this value-based group is highly impactful

Zack Leonard

President, Gembah

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